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Gliding Sliding Discs Exercise System - Instructor Certification

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Get a certificate by completing the program.


Become a Gliding® Instructor! Join Mindy Mylrea in this exciting new education program where Mindy shows you how Gliding takes exercises to a new level, provides you tips of proper form and how to use Gliding in your favorite class formats. This course presents video content designed specifically for fitness professionals, personal trainers, group-x instructors and fitness enthusiasts. >> Can be structured into a stand-alone Gliding® class or can be incorporated into virtually any class format, including HIIT, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Core Conditioning, Strength and so many more! >> Gliding® exercises work multiple muscles while engaging core stabilization throughout the range of motion. >> Common routines are energized again and old exercises are completely transformed. >> These unique sliding discs are lightweight, compact and come in versions specifically designed for both hardwood and carpeted floors. GLIDING® TAKES YOUR CHOREOGRAPHY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL! CEC's: ACE 0.3 | AFAA 7.0 | NASM 0.7

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